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Community Engagement

  1. Share Your Fayetteville Story

    Fayetteville was established more than 200 years ago, and there are so many great stories that have taken place here in that time. What... More…

Customer Service

  1. Hydrant Meter Permit Application
  2. Water - Leak Credit Application
  1. Request for Updated Customer Information

    In order for the Utility Billing Office (UBO) to better serve you, please take a moment to complete this form to update your account... More…


  1. Fire Engine Pull Registration

    Thank you for entering your team into the Third Annual Fire Truck Pull! Proceeds collected through the event benefit the Fayetteville... More…


  1. Employee Commendation & Complaint Form
  2. Title VI Complaint Form
  1. HOA/POA Leadership Registration

    Please complete this form to notify the City Of Fayetteville of any new and updated contact information for your Home Owners... More…