What can I do if I have a sewer problem?

If you have a problem with a sewer back-up you can call our Finance Billing Office 770-460-4237 Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm and they will radio our Distribution Crew for the quickest response. Call the Water Department 770-460-4660 first in order for us to assess the problem to see if a plumber would have to be called. A sewer jet machine will be used to get the sewer flowing freely again. If the problem is found to be on the service line between the house and the Right-of-Way we will do our very best to unblock the problem but a plumber will have to repair the line if necessary. If the problem were found to be internal then a plumber would have to be called for repairs. If there is a sewer like smell in the area that you live in we will document the complaint on a work order and will be looked into as quickly as possible. Sewer smell complaints are the hardest to detect the source of the problem so we ask for patience for us to locate and correct the problem.

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