Disconnection Policy

Accounts with a past due balance are subject to disconnection. Service will only be restored after the account is paid in full for all outstanding past due balances, including late penalties and reconnect fees ($50). The account must be paid in cash, money order, or debit/credit to restore service.

To re-establish service, the customer must be at the service address to make sure all water is off in the building/residence.  If the meter indicates running water or a leak, the service will be cut-off/terminated until the customer is present.  The customer will be required to make arrangements during regular business hours to have the service re-established and another reconnect fee will be charged.

Residential accounts that have been cut-off for a period of ten (10) days will be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer for appropriate action.

Service locations that have been terminated should be locked to prevent water usage until the account has been paid.  If the meter reader finds that the City’s meter or lock has been damaged, the service address will be charged $100.00 for tampering.  This fee must also be paid prior to re-establishing of service.