Missed Court

Failure to Appear

If you have missed your court date for a traffic or criminal citation, you are considered to be in Failure to Appear status. In addition to fees assessed, your driver's license may be suspended and or a bench warrant issued. If you have valid documents, such as a medical excuse or proof of incarceration please provide the clerk's office with a copy. All documents are subject to verification. Contact the Fayetteville Municipal Court at 770-719-4277 immediately in regards to resolving your open citation.  

Suspended Drivers License

If your license has been suspended due to a Failure to Appear in this court, you must resolve your citation with the court prior to reinstatement of your license. A DS-912 license reinstatement form from the court will be provided to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to reinstate your license. DDS will require additional fees to reinstate your license when in suspension status. Please contact or visit DDS regarding reinstatement of your driver's license.