Uniform Patrol

The most prevalent and visible is our Uniform Patrol Division. The Uniform Patrol Division encompasses four patrol teams that provide law enforcement services 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Patrol is tasked with answering calls for service, responding to traffic accidents, enforcement of the traffic laws, general and preventive patrols, and community relations.  There are 4 Patrol shifts that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The shifts are comprised of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, a Traffic Investigator, and up to 4 other zone officers.  

Special Teams

Traffic Enforcement & Accident Reconstruction (T.E.A.R.) Unit

Our Traffic Enforcement and Accident Reconstruction (T.E.A.R.) Unit is responsible for investigating traffic accidents and enforcing the laws of Fayetteville roadways. The unit is dispersed among the patrol teams with one officer on each team. This unit is overseen by one lieutenant and one sergeant.

K9 Unit

The department currently has three K9s on staff, Max, Baco and Gizmo. All three and their handlers are trained in tracking and in the detection of illegal drugs. The members of this unit are assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division and are on call 24/7 to assist when necessary.

Tactical Response Team (T.R.T.)

The Tactical Response Team (TRT) is made up of volunteer department members who are specially trained and equipped to handle high-risk operations, such as high-risk warrants, barricaded subjects, and hostage situations. TRT is made up of an entry team and sniper team that are overseen by two team leaders, as well as a commander and assistant commander. TRT members are assigned to various roles throughout the department but remain on an on-call basis.

TRT also includes a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), which receives specialized training in crisis negotiation efforts. CNT is overseen by a team leader, as well as the TRT Commander.


Email Phone
Kent, Patty Captain of Patrol Email Patty Kent 770-719-4204
Campbell, Zach
Sergeant Email Zach Campbell 770-719-4219
Bufano, Maggie
Sergeant Email Maggie Bufano 770-719-4221
Jenkins, Ben
Lieutenant Email Ben Jenkins
Dunn, Austin
Lieutenant Email Austin Dunn
Huddleston, Lee
Email Lee Huddleston
Perry, Michael
Sergeant Email Michael Perry
Meade, Joshua
Lieutenant Email Joshua Meade
Beard, Tyrone Lieutenant Email Tyrone Beard 770-719-4212