Employment Process


Once a qualified candidate submits an application, they may be invited to the next testing date. On the testing date, the applicant will be required to take a standardized test, consisting of math, reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar.  If the candidate passes the written test, they will run the Physical Agility Course on the same day.  This course is designed to simulate some job related tasks that they might encounter.  This course will include, pushing a vehicle, maneuvering through a window, mantling a wooden fence, and jog or sprint 50 yds.  Upon the completion of the Physical Agility Course, applicants will be handed a background packet and then scheduled for a board interview.  

On the day of the board interview, the applicant will be asked to write a short detailed essay explaining their qualifications and abilities to provide justification to the Chief of Police on why they should be hired as an officer.  The applicant will have 20 minutes to complete this.  After this is done, the board will look over the paper, and the interview will begin.  The paper is not graded but reviewed for independent thought, neatness and detail.  During the board interview, the applicant will be asked a series of standardized questions.  

Should the applicant pass the interview process, the background investigation will start.  This process could take a few weeks, depending on certain factors.  There will be a careful and detailed examination of the applicants background as the investigator will be speaking with references, past employers, family members and such.  If the background investigator does not find any disqualifiers for the applicant, the file will be passed onto the Chief of Police for review.  Should the Chief of Police choose to move the candidate forward, they will be contacted for a Command Staff Interview and possible conditional offer.  

When a conditional offer is made and accepted the candidate will then have a CVSA exam (similar to a polygraph) scheduled.  This takes approximately one hour.  The next step in the process is a Psychological Fitness Exam to determine emotional fitness and will be scheduled as soon as it is permitted.  Lastly, the applicant will have to have a Medical Background / Physical Evaluation done by a licensed physician at the City's expense and from a physician of City of Fayetteville's choosing.  Since the City of Fayetteville is a drug free work place, a pre-employment drug screen is also conducted.  

If the applicant is not a POST Certified Officer, then an academy start date will be given to the applicant.  If the applicant is POST Certified, then they will be given a start date by the Training Sergeant.  If you have any questions about the hiring process, please feel free to contact Captain Chad Myers at 770-719-4205.  

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