Water & Sewer

Fayetteville is pleased to offer a fresh water supply that is drawn from a variety of sources, ensuring a consistent capacity in the face of developmental growth.

The City's robust sewer system is designed and maintained to accommodate decades of future development while contributing to the excellent quality of life Fayetteville residents have enjoyed for many years.

Department Overview


The City of Fayetteville Water and Sewer Department has 4 distinct areas, which are assigned different goals and tasks to provide superior service for our residents. The areas are comprised of Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Distribution and Collections, and Technical Services.

Water Treatment: This area is charged with the duty of treating surface and well water for our residents' use.

Wastewater Treatment: This area is charged with the duty of treating the wastewater flow that comes into our plant to meet all State and Federal Standards prior to discharge into Whitewater Creek.

Distribution and Collections: This area has the task of making sure that all water and sewer infrastructure such as water mains, sewer mains and sewer lift stations, are operated and maintained in an efficient manner.

Technical Services: This area has the task of updating mapping of the water and sewer infrastructure as well as all the meter reading operations.

Training Programs & Education

The Employees of the Water and Sewer Department are encouraged to pursue educational opportunities for their job classification. Each area has their own different certification programs that are administered by various State or Federal agencies. We are happy to report that all of our Operators at both the Water and Wastewater Plants have at least a Class III Operators Certification from the Environmental Protection Division.