Virtual Court

Please complete the Virtual Municipal Court Registration Form at least 24 hours prior to your court date (request made on the same day of court will not be accepted) to request that your matter be scheduled in a Virtual Court session in the City of Fayetteville Municipal Court. You will receive a response from the court upon receipt of your form. The court will review your request and schedule your matter virtually if deemed appropriate. You will receive instructions on how to participate before the day of court. A new request must be submitted for each court date given. 

Please expect to be available for up to one hour for your virtual court hearing. You may not be admitted into the hearing immediately and should wait until you are accepted. You must log on with video for all virtual hearings. Please be on time. You may be considered a failure to appear if you log on during or after the court announcements. Virtual request forms received after normal business hours prior to your court date will not be accepted.

Protocol for virtual court hearings (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE - if you do not have your Ticket/Complaint Number please call the Municipal Court at 770-719-4277.

Virtual Municipal Court Registration Form

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