About Us

The City of Fayetteville Business Licensing Office assists businesses in obtaining the Occupational Tax Certificates required for legal business operation in the City of Fayetteville. Additional functions include alcohol licensing and excise tax collection. Every business operating within the City Limits of Fayetteville must have a current City of Fayetteville business license.

Overview of the Business License Process

Fayetteville is blessed with a vibrant business community, and the City does what it can to serve all of its businesses, from home-based sole proprietors and locally-owned restaurants to regional healthcare providers and national retailers. Improving transportation infrastructure, robust and reliable utilities, and proactive public safety services are just a few reasons Fayetteville is poised to continue growing.

Large or small, all business ventures in Fayetteville start at the same place: The Occupational Tax counter at Fayetteville City Hall. Better known as “business licenses”, Occupational Tax Certificates issued at this counter ensure that businesses are legitimately initiated and located within the properly zoned districts within the city. A manufacturing business, for example, would not be appropriately located in the middle of a residential neighborhood, but a freelance writer would be encouraged to do so. Wise business planning includes checking with City Occupational Tax Billing Coordinator Phyllis Brown to be sure your enterprise is properly licensed.

Notary & Witness Statement

The City of Fayetteville provides notary services to assist the public with filing documents requiring notarization by the City. Identification needed.

Instructions on Account Changes or Closing an Account

If you are no longer in business or do not wish to renew your license with the City of Fayetteville, please indicate using a Close of Business Form or contact our office.

An Occupational Tax certificate is not transferable as to location or ownership. If your business moves from one location in the City of Fayetteville to another location within the city limits of Fayetteville, please contact our office to apply for an occupational tax certificate for the new location.

If the business is purchased by a new owner, the new owner is required to apply for an occupational tax certificate.

Alcohol License

Any establishment selling alcohol within the City of Fayetteville must obtain a Business License prior to engaging in the sale of alcohol. Licenses for alcoholic beverages are subject to addition requirements. Additional information is available at City Hall, or call (770) 719-4165. Requirements can be found in the City Code of Ordinance. For more information on package store requirements, click here. To apply: Georgia Tax Center.

Hotels & Motels

Hotels must file their taxes by the 15th day of the month following the month of a collection to The HdL Company.