Finance & Administration


The Finance and Administrative Services Department is responsible for administration of all the financial activities of the City departments. The department provides services necessary to effectively and efficiently conduct the City's fiscal affairs, as well as providing direction, coordination, and implementation of major financial and administrative policy decisions in accordance with applicable state and local code. The Finance and Administrative Services Department collects, projects, acquires and controls the city's financial resources in a way that promotes stability and integrity.

They also provide customer support services for the Customer Service, Business License, and Municipal Court departments.

Accounting and Payroll Division

The centralized financial accounting center of the City is the Accounting Division. Its functions include administering cash management/investment programs, administering financial accounting of grants and contracts and assuring financial compliance, reviewing, evaluating and prescribing internal controls for safeguarding city assets, and maintaining fund accounting systems according to generally-accepted accounting principles. The Accounting Division also administers franchise fees from telephone, electric power, cable television, fiber-optic cable and natural gas providers; insurance premium taxes. 

Budget Division

The Budget Division prepares, recommends, implements and tracks the revenue and expenditure budgets for the funds of the city. This process includes collecting and analyzing the strategic five to ten-year plan of the city's departments to coordinate their funding levels with their goals.

Business License Division

The Business License Division administers business/occupation taxes; alcoholic beverage excise taxes, hotel/motel occupancy taxes and rental motor vehicle excise taxes.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division directs the efficient, legal and cost-effective procurement of goods and services for all City departments. The division is responsible for purchasing, with the objective of ensuring that all materials, supplies, services and equipment required are acquired in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality required and in compliance with all applicable procurement legislation.