Call Before You Dig, Dial 811


You may now apply for a digging permit with Georgia Utilities Protection Center by phone by dialing "811" or register online using Homeowner eTicket.

Homeowner eTicket is an online method for homeowners to start the locate ticket process. It will let you send GA811 the information necessary for us to process your request. We will review your request, determine the Member facility owner/operators to be notified, and then get back to you with pertinent information about your request.

Please be aware that simply completing the eTicket Questionnaire is not sufficient for you to begin your excavation. You must wait for us to get back to you with a Ticket Number and the information you will need to know before you can start your digging. Please follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to obtaining your dig ticket.

You take a big risk by digging without having underground electric lines marked. The results can be disastrous, including injury or death.

Even if the digger comes out with no injuries, there's still the chance of property damage, expensive repairs, legal trouble, or civil penalties.

Both commercial diggers and homeowners should call to have lines located at least a week before the digging is scheduled. One call to 811 or registering online notifies all affected utilities that you need lines spotted.

For more information visit the Georgia Utilities Protection Center, or call 800-282-7411 and 770-623-4344.