Alcohol Licensing

The Georgia Department of Revenue has instituted a centralized alcohol application process. As of January 12, 2022, applicants/licensee are now required to fill out the Alcohol/Liquor application using the ALP Portal on the Georgia Department of Revenue Website. To apply or renew for a retail alcohol license, use the Georgia Tax Center (GTC). Please be sure to select "Fayetteville" as the jurisdiction. You must upload at least one document to the City on the portal and once the application is received, it will be sent simultaneously to the local and state alcohol authority. If a document is not uploaded, we will not know that you have applied. Once you have applied and/or if you have questions, please call 770-719-4165 or email Phyllis Brown.

  • Allow four to six weeks processing time for alcohol licensing
  • Please refer to the city ordinance for distance requirements for sales or serving alcohol from
    • Churches
    • Schools
    • Private residences
    • Alcohol treatment centers, etc.
  • View alcohol ordinance online
  • Note: State alcohol license is also required for sale / serving of alcohol
  • Note: All employees involved in the sale / serving of alcoholic beverages must obtain a permit from the Fayetteville Police Department

Package Store: General Requirements in the City of Fayetteville

Please contact Phyllis Brown for additional information
  • 5,000 minimum floor size (meaning the total usable floor area within the commercial establishment involved in retail sales, but excludes washrooms, furnace and utility rooms, storage areas and staff rooms).
  • $500,000 minimum inventory (wholesale cost) * Properties within Main Street district are exempt from the two requirements above)
  • Minimum distance from church - 100 yards
  • Minimum distance from school = 200 yards
  • Minimum distance from licensed package store = 500 yards
  • Minimum distance from residential property = 100 yards (unless in Main Street district)
  • Applications involving a building that is not in existence or not yet completed, must include/upload a concept drawing and property survey that clearly shows compliance with distance requirements.
  • Applications should include/upload proof of ownership or leasehold. For properties pending purchase or lease, a purchase agreement or contingent lease agreement is acceptable.
  • $300 application fee
  • $5,000 annual license for distilled spirits
  • $1,000 annual license for malt beverages
  • $1,000 annual license for wine