Procedure for New Single Family Residential

New Residential Construction Procedures

*All property line pins shall be clearly identified throughout all phases of construction*

Foundation permit shall be applied for and submitted with the following:

  • Plans and plan review fee ($75) and completed plan review submittal form (If plan is on file this step can be skipped and there is no review fee)
  • Submit completed Foundation Permit Application and *Plumbing Permit Applications
  • The following also must be submitted at this time:
    • Water Meter Receipt
    • Sewer Tap Receipt
    • Site and Erosion Control Plan
  • For check payments, a separate check is to be provided for each applicable fee

If the plan is on file, the plumber may obtain their permit prior to the builder submitting their foundation permit packet. If it is a new plan the plumbing permit application will need to be submitted concurrently with the items listed above

Failure to submit any of the items above will result in your application being rejected and returned. It shall be the responsibility of the builder, or builder's representative, to be sure all the items listed above are turned in. The building department will not hold applications/plans and wait for required documents and/or the plumbing permit application to be submitted.

  • Prior to requesting slab or footing inspection, submit form location survey to Building Department.

**No framing is to take place until the building permit is issued **

The following is required when applying for building permits:

  • If applicable, all plan review comments shall be addressed and revised plans submitted and approved
  • Electrical Permit Issued
  • Mechanical Permit Issued
  • Completed Building Permit Application

If any of the above items are incomplete/missing, the building permit application will be rejected and returned.

The following is required prior to the issuance of the c of o:

  • Final Survey submitted and approved - This is to be submitted to the Building Department for review prior to final inspections being conducted. If the Building Department receives a final inspection request without having a Final Survey on file, the inspection will not be performed
  • All required final inspections are complete and have been approved
  • Impact Fee is to be paid

Please feel free to contact the Building Department with any questions at 770-719-4067.